If you’re into diving, it is more than likely you are also into travelling and discovering the incredible dive spots the world has to offer. From the unimaginable biodiversity of the Galapagos, the Orcas and Fjords of Scandanavia or the clear water wrecks of the Red Sea, every diver has a bucket list…

We are no exception to the rule! 

Our Next Trip...

The Red Sea, Shark Dive Itinerary – 30th September – 6th October 2022


Dust that passport off; start filling that duffle bag with dive gear; because after a turbulent 2 years we’re finally heading back to some of the Red Sea’s most famous dive sites! As usual, we will be providing a guest memory video such as the ones below as well as tips, tricks and photography and videography lessons during the week.


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How we began...

Our love affair with diving liveaboards began in the stunning surroundings of Tubbataha Reef, in the Philippines before this pesky pandemic took away our license to roam. With or without the pandemic, the passion was ignited and soon after we were planning our very own charter, with our very own guests… Freeflow Travel was born!

Harry Tubataha

Our niche...


We not only want to lead our guests to some of the greatest dive locations the planet has to offer, but we also want to show you how you can film and photograph the spectacular wildlife we are there to see, AND come away with your very own proof/memories. We will also be alongside you on every dive to capture photos and videos of you in action, right next to some of the most exciting wildlife, for even more memories to keep for a lifetime! 

A short photography and videography syllabus has been designed to fit around the diving schedule on each trip, however we are anti ‘package-tour schedules’ as much as the next adventurer, so if you’re not a photographer OR your thing is more to relax between dives and take to the sun deck, that is completely up to you !  In the end were all there to live a dream trip !


For those who have had enough of schooling for a lifetime and prefer to ask specific questions, tips, tricks, advice or a review of the last dives photos with feedback, come and find us anytime. We love the subject and giving us further reason to talk about it actually makes our day!


If you are already a seasoned underwater photographer/videographer, then come along and enjoy the ride. All our trips can be enjoyed by a range of dive levels; camera operators or not. Whichever category you sit in, you will still be a co-star in the epic memory video that will be provided to all the guests after the trip! 


The Galapagos, Ecuador
June 2021

In June 2021, despite the world being largely closed for business, we managed to fly to Quito, Ecuador then on to the Galapagos Islands where we met our team of special guests joining us for a once in a lifetime trip… We dived the famous Wolf and Darwin Islands, amongst many other spectacular dive sites. 


This little clip on the right is the result of possibly our favorite week of 2020 AND 2021 put togther! 

(We know thats not hard…)

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Documentary Edit

Vid coming soon LR

The Red Sea, Egypt - October 2021

Our very latest trip was to visit all the splendours of the Red Sea. 

Due to the ease of access from Europe, the relatively low cost of diving, yet the sheer variety of marine life, the warm clear water and differing types of dive you undertake, Egypt is one of our favorite destinations for underwater photo and video!


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We have big plans in place to take divers and underwater photographers to unusual and adventurous dive locations around the world!